Friday, 31 July 2015

FaceBreaker - part one!

I've had this idea for a chick in an industrial mech suit in my head for so long, it comes up a lot when I listen to a certain type of music, heh.
I had started a very basic blockout in zbrush a while ago but didn't really flesh out any real shapes, but I came back to it tonight and im starting to feel it moving forward. This is super early mind you, normally I'd wait a bit longer but I've got other things to finish. (that said I do have an urge to get back into some sub-d modelling after a long, long break, so im feeling this one, heh.)
Moving forward I want to try and push some Ian Mcque influences into the gear.

so, another character to the list :P (hopefully after the panda and orc dudes)