Friday, 12 December 2014

Tonight's sculpt, wanted to do more than a bust this time, still lacking in asymmetry and medium scale details, I seem to be avoiding it entirely so i can get in and detail shit up, I think i'll do some simpler things later so i focus more on gestures. :)

Overall though, quite happy with this, the ears are stupidly large and in a weird place, i wish i fixed that but oh well.

Also may as well dump this here, i didn't get all that far with the Trader as you can see, but I'll be changing him to a turtle (and much of the design will obviously be changed to fit) when I get back onto it. So here is the last pic i took of it quite a while back for, I dunno, 'logging purposes'

Sleep time!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Missed a day from being ill and shit, NoOooOOooO. Will have to catch up with an extra one, but here is tonights. Really didnt have a lot of time with this as i got home quite late, but I quite like it, obviously some inspiration (ok, a lot) from the Monkey king. :)

Didn't get around to polishing the hair much, again this looks like another thing i might want to come back to at a later date... and maybe that's the good thing about doing these quick sculpts... will have to see, as usual there's a hundred and one things I'd like to do but i lose energy so quickly.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tonights sculpt,

Didnt really have the time to sculpt some hair (would have prefered to do something a bit more stylized but just threw in some fibermesh, ah well)

But I'm quite happy with it, again, i need to do more expressions and more assymetry, tonight i was lazier that normal due to a very distracting cold/flu :P

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Another Demony thing, not too happy with this one, couldve had some clearer forms, might clean it up a bit at a later date.

Note to self, more asymmetry.

More Creature work! Had more time on this one (although I did lose the first iteration from a zbrush crash, thanks Obama)

Going to try and do one a day for the next week. :) (Emphasis on 'try')

Friday, 5 December 2014


Been too long, should update more,

Speed sculpt (about an hour or so) of a demon thing tonight, may clean it up and do some more with it.

note to self, make more demons