Monday, 7 July 2014

Pandaren Trader of Tales and ...Scifi Girl?

Roughly sketched this a while back and cleaned it up recently. (image updated)

I really wanna finish it though and make a full character out of it, I had this idea of a wandering merchant who doesn't trade in coins but with stories, his trinkets and wares that he carries with him on his backpack would visually tell the stories of those he has traded with. Somewhat inspired by the mask salesman in Majora's Mask (One such item is a monkey mask!)

That and I like panda(ren)s :D

Hopefully posting this will encourage me to finish it

There's also this, but I dunno what to do with it, seems a bit bland no matter where I try to take it, ah well.

Suddenly Dragons. D:

Last Friday night I made a dragon bust! inspired by one of Laurel Austin's sketches but not exact, did a bit more over the weekend, it's a bit rough in some areas, may get around to cleaning it up and finishing it. :D

Hello World

I've always wanted a blog but never really thought I'd be able to update it as regularly as I'd like. That's about to change, I'm starting this not to get work out there but as a doodle dump for small pieces, work's in progress and various other shenanigans that i can be a bit more careless about, I'm hoping just by dumping shit over a timeline it will motivate me to do more! A portfolio is one thing (In my case it's nothing as it's been down for a bloody year) but Think this'll really give me the kick I need! :)

Here's a quick dump of various things that have been done I guess 'somewhat recently'

RatGuy! Started out as an after work Friday doodle, did a bit more on occasions, would like to make a character out of it, preferably something simple so I can focus on the body/skin. :)

Combat Platypus, yes you heard me.

A Stylized bust i did after work once, quick polypaint and bake down, meh

A Jacket Study I did late last year and occasionally fiddle with, another
character i'd like to finish but hhmmmm

A sketch one night of Rachel Posner from House of Cards, great show! :D

A Bust for a Character I would like to finish but HHHNNNNNGHH

Dangerous Dave, he sells bootleg VHS tapes out the back of his Van

There's also my Dota 2 Courier, Coco, which made it into the store :D

A dirty Dynamesh Hair Study of Coils n' Shit

A Character for an Ex-Co-Worker's (is that a thing?) Phone game, cancelled unfortunately

My take on MoP's Goblin SDK! :D (maybe I should do this again)