Monday, 13 April 2015

One step forward, Two steps back

I had gone through the process of redoing most of the body and neck for this guy, only to realise that I'd lost the things I originally liked, so ive literally reverted back about FIVE DAYS and continued from the point where I decided things needed to change.

The whole body was sculpted from a blob with no symmetry into the pose it is in right now. so I had ended up hacking it into a t-pose, cleaned it up, projected onto new topology and reposed with skinning for accuracy.

And all that work?...BAM, down the drain. :)

So it doesnt look like much since the last pic, just faffing about with PS again, i like the idea of the bruce lee claw scar, hehe :) ... Also I guess actually most of the work I DIDN'T scrap is still in the lower body, which ironically im not showing here.. hmm.

The red pandas are staying, one will be swinging on that big ring in a pose I already have burned into my head... will be cool.

I need to learn when and where to commit to what I have. I've wasted a lot of time trying to find certain sweet spots that'll make sense later on if I was just a bit more confident. I feel like I'm quickly becoming a 'blockout artist' at this rate... lol.